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Elementary School Uniforms

The dress guidelines are designed to provide students, faculty, and the administration the most conducive working environment. The school uniform must be worn to school. Listed are the uniform requirements for all girls and boys.


  • Jumper (No shorter than knee length)
  • White dress or polo shirt (long or short sleeve)
  • Navy blue crosstie (optional)
  • Pantyhose/tights or Bobby socks in navy blue or white (no sweat socks)
  • Cardigan with logo
  • Black dress shoes (Heels no higher than 1 inch and no color designs or color soles)
  • Loose Fitting Khaki Pants (NOVEMBER 1- MARCH 31st ONLY)


  • Khaki pants (no side pockets or cargo pants)
  • White dress or polo shirt (long or short sleeve)
  • Navy blue solid tie (optional)
  • Navy blue jacket or cardigan with logo
  • Black dress shoes (no color designs or color soles)
  • Black belt with a small buckle (khaki pants must be worn at the waist line with the belt)

Gym Uniform

  • RCECS Navy Blue T-shirt with printed logo (a blue, white, black, or gray shirt may be worn under the sweatshirt)
  • RCECS navy blue sweatshirt with embroidered logo
  • Navy blue sweat pants No shorts are permitted
  • Sneakers (with non-marking sole and tied laces—no open sneakers)

Summer School Dress-Code No uniform is required; however, students should wear appropriate attire based on the school handbook. All students must abide by RCECS dress down rules during the duration of RCECS Summer School.

Hooded sweatshirts ARE NOT a part of the RCECS uniform. Students are not permitted to wear hooded sweatshirts in classrooms. They may wear the designated uniform sweater or blazer.

Black sneakers are not acceptable for wear with the regular uniform.

Jewelry and Earrings:
Girls are permitted to wear one small pair of earrings. Hoops must be less than the size of a U.S. nickel. No large hoops are permitted. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. Boys and Girls may wear one small necklace or bracelet.

Headbands and Bows: Girls are permitted to wear a scrunchie, 3-inch bow, or plain headband in the following colors: navy blue, dark green, uniform plaid, black, or white. 6-inch bows are not permitted.

For more information please see the Student/Parent Handbook

All Uniform items can be purchased at the following stores:

Flynn O’Hara Uniforms
School Vendor Portal
1876 Plaza Shopping Center
Allentown, PA 18103
Tel. (610) 231-3788


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