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Our Academics

The core Curriculum at Roberto Clemente Charter School includes: language arts; math; science; social studies; health and physical education; art, and theater; computers; ESL (English as a Second Language); and special education.


Students participate in a daily 90-minute reading lesson during which students are grouped by ability level, not grade level. Students reading on a first grade reading level participate in the Reading Roots program which focuses on letter sounds and phonemic awareness, decoding/word recognition, and fluency. Students reading on a 2nd through 5th grade reading level participate in the Reading Wings program, which teaches clarifying and advanced comprehension skills in both information and literature texts.


All RCCS students receive 40 minutes of uninterrupted academic Spanish instruction every day. Through reading and writing instruction, Roberto Clemente Charter School elementary students are working to become bilingual and bi-literate.


Students participate in a daily 80-minute math lesson. Through the EnVision 2.0 math materials, students participate in number talks and learn math vocabulary. Additionally, through direct instruction and guided practice, students engage in math practices and problem solving.


Students perform scientific investigations through the Full Option Science System (FOSS). For Social Studies, students learn about people and places through Scott Foresman Social Studies.


Students qualifying for additional services, English as a Second Language and/or Special Education, receive targeted support by highly qualified staff as needed throughout the school day.

Art / Physical Education

Students in grades 6 - 12 receive 40 minutes of uninterrupted Art or Physical Education daily.

The school’s instruction provides:

  • small class size and individualized instruction
  • academic rigor – emphasis in standards- based learning, relevancy and relationships
  • proper assessments to verify progress
  • lively discussions and critical thinking
  • technology integration in core subject areas
  • active problem-finding and problem-solving
  • national best practices
  • character development and increased social skills
  • project-based learning
  • early college opportunities programs that are held before and after school, on Saturdays and in the summer


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